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The Worst Christmas Songs of All Time!

Ho Ho Ho Boys & Girls!   As the years roll by and with the arrival of every Christmas, there are always Christmas songs that are as crappy as all get out.  Once these malignant sounds begin to …Read more

My Christmas Playlist 2021

As I've mentioned on this blog many times before, I collect all sorts of music; songs about food, cover songs and...wait for it...Christmas songs! 

Back in the 70's, I started sending cassettes of Christmas tunes to…

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Mind Smoke Records Holiday Mailbag 2021

Season's Greetings from Mind Smoke Records!  With the onslaught of Holiday Cheer, I thought for today's blog post, I'd respond to some of the mail I've been getting from all of the Mind Smoke Records fans out there!

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December 9th: Christmas Card Day!

"Way back in 1843, the first commercial Christmas card was created in England by Sir Henry Cole, a civil servant who was responsible for the idea of sending greetings scribbled into the now familiar cards we get around…

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My Christmas Playlist 2020

Happy Holidays From All of Us Here @ Mind Smoke Records!



From the Wikipedia site: "Popular Christmas music produced in the United States of America…

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It's National Christmas Card Day!

Today is National Christmas Card Day!


The History of Christmas Card Day 

Christmas Card Day honors its inventor on the 9th of December. The first ever commercial Christmas card showed a family raising a toast,…

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Christmas Cards: It's almost that time of the year!

Next Monday... December National Christmas Card Day! 


From Smithsonian magazine, A History of Christmas Cards:

" A prominent educator and patron of the arts, Henry Cole, travelled in the elite, social circles of early Victorian…

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