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Lost Music: Ca Plane Pour Moi (Plastic Bertrand)



Plastic Bertrand Zoot Alors!  Today's Lost Music is a kick ass dance tune credited to a fella named Plastic Bertrand that became wildly popular around the world in 1977.  Plastic Bertrand is …Read more

Lost Music: The Song of The Elves (John Simon)

Remembering Forgotten Songs! John Simon - The Song of The Elves John Simon is an American music producer, composer, writer and performer. Recognized as one of the top record producers in the United States during the late …Read more

Lost Music: Gone (John Hiatt)

Remembering Forgotten Songs



John Hiatt - Gone


Ah yes...John Hiatt!  He's one of my favorite songwriters.  As a matter of fact, when I was in a band called the Freelance …Read more

Lost Music: Crabwalk (American Music Club)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!


American Music Club - Crabwalk


CRABWALK He reels around the nightclub 
like the hubcaps off of a car 
That just crashed into a sign that said 
"This way to the …Read more

Lost Music: Jumpin' Jive (Cab Calloway)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!


Jumpin' Jive - Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers


Cab Calloway

"Cab Calloway was an American jazz singer, dancer, bandleader and actor. He was associated with the Cotton Club…

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Lost Music: Spanish Harlem (Levon Russell)

Remembering Forgotten Songs

Leon Russell - Spanish Harlem


Today's Lost Music post is all about a swinging instrumental track  called Spanish Harlem which was recorded by Leon Russell and The Gap Band back in…

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Lost Music: Freeway Jam (Jeff Beck)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!

As I've stated in the past on this blog, I'm a collector of all types of music; one of the type of music I collect are  Instrumentals! 

Today's Lost Music song is an…

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Lost Music: Slap & Tickle (Squeeze)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!



Ah!  Squeeze!  They're one of the great English bands who broke big on the music scene starting in 1979.  Today's lost music song  is Slap & Tickle

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Lost Albums: The Ones That Got Away Expanded Edition

Over the decades, there have been a significant number of album projects that, due to one thing or another, got lost in the sauce and were never released by their respective record labels.  Some projects, such as Brian Wilson's …

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Lost Music: 7 and 7 Is (Love)

Remembering Lost Songs!


Love - 7 and 7 Is 

The band Love recorded this genuine rock classic in June of 1966 at Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood.  At that time, Sunset Sound Recorders was one…

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Lost Music: Kookie's Mad Pad (Ed Byrnes)

Remembering Forgotten Songs

Ed "Kookie" Byrnes - Kookie's Mad Pad



"Edward Byrne Breitenberger (July 30, 1932 – January 8, 2020), known professionally as Edd Byrnes, was an American actor, best known for his…

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Lost Music: The Imposter (Elvis Costello)

Remembering Lost Songs

The Imposter - Elvis Costello

I've always liked Elvis Costello's work and today's Lost Song is my favorite Elvis Costello song; it's a tune called The Imposter which was a track on his…

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Lost Music: Life Is Good (Los Lobos)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!


Los Lobos - Life Is Good

Here's a wonderful song that's filled with positivity.  The lyrics are simplistic yet effective.  The first time I came across this great Los Lobos track I…

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Lost Music: Feelin' Good (JB Lenoir)


Remembering Forgotten Songs!

JB Lenoir - Feelin' Good

Today's Lost Music post features on of my favorite blues songs, Feelin' Good by JB Lenoir.  The song has a relaxed atmosphere that brings the listener…

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