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1960's Swinging London: A Moment In Time

Today's blog post is about Swinging London; a moment in time that reconfigured the music, fashion, movies and books of the youth culture.

There came a moment when London first shook off the coils of hidebound British society, the

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My Favorite Beatles Cover Songs

As I've stated many times on this blog, I really like collecting all sorts of songs and that includes cover songs!  When The Beatles were just starting out, they recorded cover songs by other artists; among some of the…

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The Beatles: Something Cool To Read This Week!





Worried that no-one would understand their Liverpool accents in 1964 film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, US music execs considered dubbing them over with American actors. McCartney harrumphed: “We can understand a fucking…

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Merchandising The Beatles

Merchandising among today's music artists is quite common.  I first became aware of this type of thing when I saw some Elvis Presley comic books in the late 50's.  After Elvis came the British Invasion and the musical phenomenon known…

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