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Alive As Yesterday: 1976 Concerts

David Bowie

Station To Station Solar Tour 1976


David Bowie

Public Hall

Cleveland, OH


David Bowie

Pavillon de Paris Porte de Pantin

Paris, France


The Ramones

The Poppers

The Fast





City Lights




New York Dolls

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Alive As Yesterday: 1979 Concerts

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

The Palladium



Damn The Torpedo Tour '79

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Orpheum Theatre

Memphis, TN


The Specials

Tiffany's Late Bar Disco

Edinburgh, Scotland


Iggy Pop

The Human League


Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Plasmatics

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Rock & Roll Sunday Funnies

When I was a kid I always looked forward to Sundays 

& the cartoons in the Sunday Newspaper. 

The other day while I was daydreaming, I thought to myself 

"Hey what if the Sunday Funnies were

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Alive As Yesterday: 1987 Concerts

License To Ill Tour '87

Beastie Boys


Murphy's Law

Many people's first taste of the Beasties was in 1985, when they opened for none other than Madonna during the pop star's first…

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Alive As Yesterday: 1983 Concerts


Fool's Face

Mississippi Nights

St. Louis, MO


Live Album Recording Date

Freelance Vandals

Right Track Inn

Freeport, NY



The English Beat



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Alive As Yesterday: 1982 Concerts


Zapp (featuring Roger)

The Time

Rockford Metro Centre

Rockford, IL


Spring Fest '82


David Johansen

Jim Carroll

Peter Dayton


Thunderbird Country Club

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Rock & Roll: The Psychedelic Years (Expanded Edition)

Psychedelic rock was a musical genre that emerged in the mid-sixties due to the popularity of such mind-altering drugs as LSD, mescaline, cannabis and peyote mushrooms.  The roots of Psychedelic Rock begin here: On Friday April 16, 1943 (a…

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1970: The Saga of the Festival Express

It was on June 27, 1970, that the Transcontinental Pop Festival began its journey in Toronto, Canada. This festival was part of a series of concerts in Canada that became known as The Festival Express which is also the…

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How Radio Lost Its Groove



In recent years, it has become obvious that radio, at least as the entity that I grew up with in my teenage and young adult years, has lost its groove.  These days,…

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Faces in the Crowd: Jimmy Miller (Producer)

“One thing that producers and engineers tend to have in common is their undeniable love of music, and it is the highs they experience in the recording studio--those exhilarating moments when the blending of artistic effort, musical material, and…

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