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The Strange Saga of the Rolling Stones' Cocksucker Blues

This is the story of Cocksucker Blues, Robert Frank's Suppressed Rolling Stones Documentary of their 1972 tour.  The film captures the Rolling Stones onstage, backstage, and in intimate situations that hardly anybody would want to be captured …Read more

Hot Platters: Celebrating Exile On Main Street @ 50


The Exiles On Main Street Story

"In the early ’70s, after extricating themselves from some horrific business deals, the Stones discovered that they owed their homeland piles and piles of money in taxes – much more than…

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1960's Swinging London: A Moment In Time

Today's blog post is about Swinging London; a moment in time that reconfigured the music, fashion, movies and books of the youth culture.

There came a moment when London first shook off the coils of hidebound British

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