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Hot Platters: Live Albums That Changed My Life

Live albums were once a staple of most rock acts but could possibly be considered an endangered species nowadays.  Sure, over the years there have been many live albums that were released as a holding action because a band didn't

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Tomorrow Is Another Day Playlist


The other day I was in the midst of creating a playlist on my IPod that featured music that I found to be helpful in maintaining a positive frame of mind in the the midst of the ongoing…

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Hot Platters: Crazy Horse (1971, Reprise Records)

Today's Platter, the self-titled debut record by Crazy Horse, is one of those great pieces of vinyl that fell through the cracks of public consciousness when it was first released in 1971. 

Track List:  

  1. Gone Dead

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Hot Platters: Link Wray (Polydor Records, 1971)



01    La De Da         

02    Take Me Home Jesus         

03    Juke Box Mama         

04    Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Stokes        

05    Fallin' Rain         

06    Fire And Brimstone         


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