Over the past 40 years, the Freelance Vandals have been one of the most legendary bands on the Long Island music scene.  During the height of the band's popularity, they opened shows for such artists as NRBQ, Dr. John and John Hiatt and received positive reviews in such publications as Creem Magazine, Variety, The New York Times and Newsday. Join the Freelance Vandals Mailing LIst.   Visit the Freelance Vandals STORE

While primarily a blues band, The Hideaways channel elements of old R&B, country, rockabilly, instrumental surf and jazz which infiltrates their sound; all the while delivering a rapid-fire performance that has the energy and drive of a live show by the Ramones and The Clash. Join The Hideaways Mailing List.  Visit The Hideaways STORE

Jim Treutlein, a longtime veteran of the local music scene, is widely known as a "songfinder" whose mastery of the Americana genre always captures the hearts of a live audience.  His latest release, Couldn't Shake It If I Tried, is an excellent collection of Americana songs by local songwriter Dee Harris.  Join the Jim Treutlein Mailing List.  Visit the Jim Treutlein STORE

The Biscuit Kings are an Americana Rock combo that is widely known for their energetic live shows that features original material and unique cover songs.  Join the Biscuit Kings Mailing List.  Visit the Biscuit Kings STORE

Johnny Pierre has been active as a songwriter since 1966.  As a songwriter, JP enjoys writing in several different musical genres; Americana, Blues and Rock & Roll.  One of the original founding member of the Freelance Vandals, Johnny currently records and releases his own solo recordings as well performing with the Americana Rock band, the Biscuit KingsJoin the Johnny Pierre Mailing List.  Visit the Johnny Pierre STORE

Haiku Monday is a conceptual pop band based in New York city whose motto is: "It is always possible to be ridiculous!"  Join the Haiku Monday Mailing List  Visit the Haiku Monday STORE

M.C. Osso was a true renaissance man who spent his life expressing himself through the creation of music, paintings, photographs and graphic designs before passing away due to cancer in 1998.  As a musician and songwriter, M.C. had many influences; Bob Dylan and Devo among them.  All of these artistic influences instilled a unique personal life view in M.C. that demanded spontaneous expression at all times.  Join the M.C. Osso Mailing List .  Visit MC's STORE.

Nick Sassone was a renowned jazz musician who was based in the Long Island area.  His only album release was Swinging Down The Lane; a selection of jazz standards from the 1930's.   Each year, on Nick's birthday on June 24th, Mind Smoke Records releases another track from his album in memory of this great jazz artist.  Visit the Nick Sassone STORE