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Hot Platters: Celebrating Exile On Main Street @ 50


The Exiles On Main Street Story

"In the early ’70s, after extricating themselves from some horrific business deals, the Stones discovered that they owed their homeland piles and piles of money in taxes – much more than…

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Hot Platters: Mouth Music - Chris White

In 1976, a young musician named Chris White released an album on the UK label Charisma called Mouth Music.  It drew a lot of interest from many Brian Wilson fans as the album is chock full of…

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Lost Music: Love Love Love (Roxy)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!

Roxy - Love Love Love A Pure Pop Classic!



Bob Segarini

"Roxy might be best known as the group from which a more widely known Elektra band…

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Rock & Roll 1975


Lester Bangs

In a June 1975 article in Creem magazine, Lester Bangs, while writing about how the impact of the breakup of the Beatles, captured some of the angst that existed in rock & roll…

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Rock & Roll 1978

Johnny Pierre on stage with the Freelance Vandals circa 1978

“In 1978, rock music resembled a combat zone more than a community. The divisions had been visible for most of the decade, with the fraying of any…

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Hot Platters: Crazy Horse (1971, Reprise Records)

Today's Platter, the self-titled debut record by Crazy Horse, is one of those great pieces of vinyl that fell through the cracks of public consciousness when it was first released in 1971. 

Track List:  
  1. Gone Dead …
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