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Remembering David Crosby

Just the other day, I woke up to the news that Singer-songwriter David Crosby, a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, passed away at the age of 81.  Looking back at Crosby's overall career, I …Read more

Faces In The Crowd: Mickey "Guitar" Baker

Today on the Rock & Roll is a State of Mind blog, we're celebrating Mickey "Guitar" Baker, one of the greatest guitarists who "helped transform rhythm & blues into rock & roll...Mickey Baker is one of the very…

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The Legendary Moondog

"I don't mean to be arrogant by saying this, but the only music that relaxes me and satisfies me is my own, because I know that I'm not going to insult my own ears, you know…"


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Vince Taylor: The Original Ziggy Stardust


Vince Taylor, while not widely known to US rock fans, was an influential part of the European rock scene in the late 50's and early 60's.  While not widely known to US rock fans, Taylor was an influential…

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Faces in the Crowd: Chris Whitley



One of the most eclectic artists that I've come across over the years is a fella by the name of Chris Whitley.  Upon hearing his Living With The Law album, I was struck by the freshness he…

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Faces in the Crowd: Lowell George

"Time Flies Like An Arrow, Fruit Flies Like A Banana" (Groucho Marx)...seeing as today is Lowell George’s birthday I thought it would only be fitting to do a post on this mecurial artist whose music has only…

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Faces in the Crowd: Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Since it's almost Halloween, I thought a blog post about Screamin' Jay Hawkins might be fitting for this spooky season.  Over the years of rock & roll, there have always been what I call Shock Artists; those whose…

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Faces in the Crowd: Louis Jordan

Yesterday, when I glanced at the calendar on the wall, I remembered that it has been 44 years since Louis Jordan passed away on February 4th, 1975.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Louis Jordan's…

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