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Hot Platters: Illinoise - Sufjan Stevens

Today's Hot Platter is a 2005 concept album, Illinoise, by American singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens. Illinoise was Stevens' fifth studio album which features songs that reference places, events, and persons related to the U.S. state of Illinois. Illinois was…

The Most Bizarre Rock & Roll Albums of All Time!

I've been an avid music collector since the early 1960's.  Besides the great albums I purchased, I always took note of some of the really bad records I bought over the know what I'm talking about don'cha?  Record…

Hot Platters: Bad Rice - Ron Nagle (Warner Bros. 1970)

Back in the early 1970's, while attending college in Dayton, Ohio, I used to go to this great record store called The Forest which was just off-campus. Many a happy hour was spent thumbing thru the album racks…

Hot Platters: Crazy Horse (1971, Reprise Records)

Today's Platter, the self-titled debut record by Crazy Horse, is one of those great pieces of vinyl that fell through the cracks of public consciousness when it was first released in 1971. 

Track List:  
  1. Gone Dead …

Hot Platters: Bongo Joe

Track List: 

1.      I Wish I Could SIng 

2.      Innocent Little Doggie 

3.      Cool It 

4.      Listen At That Bull 

5.      Transistor Radio 

6.      Eloise 

7.      Dog Eat Dog

A couple of…

Hot Platters: Link Wray (Polydor Records, 1971)



01    La De Da         

02    Take Me Home Jesus         

03    Juke Box Mama         

04    Rise And Fall Of Jimmy Stokes        

05    Fallin' Rain         

06    Fire And Brimstone         


Hot Platters: Warner Reprise Songbook 1969

Looking at the troubles that the music industry finds itself in today, my thoughts return to a time when record companies energetically courted listeners by releasing bargain product samplers. Such is the case with today's Hot Platter --- the…