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Faces in the Crowd: Big Daddy Tom Donahue

Today on the Rock & Roll is a State of Mind blog we celebrate the late great Big Daddy Tom Donahue (May 21, 1928 – April 28, 1975), who was a renowned American rock and roll radio disc jockey,

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Faces in the Crowd: Tom Wilson (Producer)

Today’s blog post is about Tom Wilson, one of the all-time great record producers. I'm sure many of the readers of this blog are thinking to themselves, "Who the heck was Tom Wilson?!"  Tom Wilson initially became known as…

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Faces in the Crowd: Jimmy Miller (Producer)

“One thing that producers and engineers tend to have in common is their undeniable love of music, and it is the highs they experience in the recording studio--those exhilarating moments when the blending of artistic effort, musical material, and…

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