You Can Listen To MC OSSO'S Music


Island Sky


Hole in the Head Steinbeck, 1987


Little Koto


Safe Haven, 1988


Eyeball Cutie



Blue Valentine, 1986


Two Hearts, 1987


Reflective Hearts, 1985


Hi Ho Silver, 1987


Blue Valentine, 1987


Secret Santa, 1987


Little Cars, 1989


Six Bunnies, 1986


Welcome To The Magic Kingdom, 1982


Cacao Nacional 1930, 1985



Small Quartet, 1985


Lucky Old Sun, 1982


Trio, 1988


Untitled 1, 1988


Untitled 2, 1989


Captain Vignette 1


Captain Vignette 2


Lodge Member 1988


Zombie Lodge Member  1988

M.C. Osso Business Card 1


1979 Gig Flyer Phinneas T's

M.C. Osso & the Reflectors


1979 Gig Flyer The Music box

M.C. Osso & The Reflectors


1983 Gig Flyer The Hobbit Cafe

M.C. Osso & the BuddaBop 3


Gig Flyer solo show Henry Afrika Cafe


Gig Flyer Agent Orange, Guvnor's Pub


Gig Flyer Agent Orange, Toots Saloon



Gig Flyer Agent Orange, Guvnor's Pub


Gig Flyer Ice Station Zebra, 1980


Gig Flyer Solo Show, Music Box


Gig Flyer MC & Reflectors, Hobbit Hole


Gig Flyer MC Osso Solo Show, Hobbit Hole


Gig Flyer Solo Show, JK's Outer Beach Bar


Gig Flyer Agent Orange, The Hobbit Hole


Gig Flyer Solo Show, Henry Afrika Cafe


Gig Flyer Agent Orange Guvnor's Pub


Gig Flyer M.C. Osso & BuddhaBop 3 1983

C.J.'s Intermission


T-Shirt Design, Farewell Show @ The Tree House 1987


T-Shirt Design, Devil with a Blue Dress, 1986


T-Shirt Design, Mighty Young Fish, 1994


The Great American Photocard Series, 1982


Gig Postcard, Dr. Generosity's


Gig Postcard, The Reflectors


Gig Poster 1979

M.C. Osso & The Reflectors and The Freelance Vandals


Gig Flyer 1981

M.C. Osso & The Reflectors

Heckles & Jeckles


Fountain Head 1982


Home on the Range


Night Game 


Garbage Run




Gnomes Among Us


Reflective Loretta 1980


Modern Diner 1982


Poison Dolly


A Modern Couple, 1980