Remembering M.C. Osso

Cover Artwork: M.C. Osso 

Mind Smoke Records is proud to announce the release  of

American Zoom Anthology

an eclectic collection of M.C. Osso recordings

that capture the many musical personas of this mercurial artist.  

It's Fat Tuesday!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year!  It's the culmination of the Mardi Gras season...  It's FAT TUESDAY!




No matter how many years …

Long Island Sounds March 2019

MARCH 2019
  • 1st – Weisman’s Warriors ALS Benefit  CM Performing Arts Center  Oakdale, NY

Come out and support this benefit for ALS Awareness.  This evening of acoustic music will feature a stellar lineup of The…

My Mardi Gras Playlist 2019

I've always been a music collector whether it be Christmas music, songs by one hit wonders, Tom Waits rarities or various obscure tunes from a wide variety of genres.  One of my favorite music genres to collect is New…

All You Really Need Is A Little Rock & Roll!

My new single out is out today!


Special Thanks to all of the tasty players 

who helped me out on this track: 

Jeff Goldstein (Bass Guitar) 

"Diamond" Ray Finch (Guitar Riff that opens the…

When Concert Posters Were An Art Form: 1976 - 1980

By the mid-70's, punk rock had emerged and had a definitive impact on the artistic style of concert posters. The artists creating the music, fashion and visual art adhered to a style based in minimalism that reflected the angst…

When Concert Posters Were an Art Form: 1970 – 1975

By the 1970's, many rock posters began to abandon the LSD-inspired San Francisco look.  Some of the poster artists began to use more realism and stylized imagery in the posters being used to promote live shows.  In the late…

Haiku Monday Interview: Imaginary Soundtracks

Haiku Monday's debut Mind Smoke Records release, The Ghost of Pontchartrain Expanded Edition, is an imaginary movie soundtrack for a ghost story that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Follow the dark trail of Sammy Thibadeaux, the Ghost…

Faces in the Crowd: Louis Jordan

Yesterday, when I glanced at the calendar on the wall, I remembered that it has been 44 years since Louis Jordan passed away on February 4th, 1975.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Louis Jordan's…

Long Island Sounds February 2019



FEB 2019
  • 1st - Mancini & McKeveny  Grey Horse Tavern  Bayport, NY

Pete Mancini & Travis McKeveny will be kicking off their first duo tour at one of LI's most relaxed venues.  …

Rock & Roll Library: My 2018 Rock & Roll Reading List

Throughout any given year, I always read an inordinate amount of rock & roll books.  It's a habit I fell into back in my high school days.  Whenever I hear about a new rock & roll book that is coming…