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The Dirty Laundry of Music Stars

On The Rock & Roll Road: Tour Managers Share War Stories

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Save Last Dance For Satan: A Nick Tosches Interview

Marc Bolan: A Dandy In The Underworld

Runaway Money

The FIrst Generation Of Female Rock Bands


Why Robert Frank’s “The Americans” Matters Today

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Discovered Treasures From An 1802 Sunken Ship

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The Lost Art of Shadow Puppetry

How Music Has Fought Pandemics For 2,700 Years

Rebel With A Cause: The Legend Of Nicholas Ray

Brian Jones: A Degree Of Murder

The Ballad Of Shovels & Rope


A Rolling Stones Song Copyright Mystery

Tom Waits Covers A Doors Song

Artist Ralph Steadman Celebrates Hunter S. Thompson

The Trident: A Club Where You Could Get Whatever You Want

When Jack Kerouac Had His Crack-Up





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Jim Treutlein - Couldn't Shake It If I Tried

Jim Treulein, a longtime veteran of the local music scene, is widely known as a "songfinder" whose mastery of the Americana genre always captures the hearts of a live audience. His 2004 release, Couldn't Shake It If I Tried, is an excellent collection of Americana songs by local songwriter Dee Harris.








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