Lost Music: Jesus, The Missing Years (John Prine)

Remembering Forgotten Songs

John Prine

Jesus, The Missing Years

Today's Lost Music post is a great forgotten John Prine song called Jesus, The Missing Years.  The song speculates upon the unrecorded middle 18 years of Jesus Christ's life. The surreal piece features, among other things, Jesus traveling to France and Spain, marrying an Irish bride, inventing Santa Claus, and opening a show for country singer George Jones.  Jesus, The Missing Years is filled with Prine's magical wit which carries the listener to another dimension.


On his thirteenth birthday he saw "Rebel without a Cause" 
He went straight on home and invented Santa Claus 
Who gave him a gift and he responded in kind 
He gave the gift of love and went out of his mind 



Couldn't Shake It If I Tried - Jim Treutlein

Jim Treutlein, a longtime veteran of the Long Island music scene, is a popular musician here in Long Island.  Widely known as a "songfinder", Jim's mastery of the Americana genre always captures the hearts of a live audience.  His latest release, Couldn't Shake It If I Tried, is an excellent collection of songs written by Dee Harris.




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