Alive As Yesterday: 1972 Concerts

“Some people say the 1970s New York rock scene started in the 1960s with the Velvet Underground. Others insist that it began around 1968 with the Stooges and MC5 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Or with Lou Reed’s reconfigured Velvet Underground at Max’s Kansas City in 1970. Or Patti Smith’s poetry reading with Lenny Kaye on guitar at St. Mark’s Church in February 1971. Or in London in 1970, when David Bowie began sewing those pre—Ziggy Stardust costumes. 

The truth is that the truth is not so simple. What really happened is that several things happened, all at once, all over the world. But nearly everyone would agree that in early 1972, when the New York Dolls performed every Tuesday night at the Oscar Wilde Room of the Mercer Arts Center in the Broadway Central Hotel, the 1970s New York rock scene was officially born.

Everyone really went to see the New York Dolls. Before they were the Ramones—whose singer Joey had an early glam rock band called Sniper—the Ramones went to see the Dolls. Patti Smith opened for the Dolls, reading poetry. Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine went to the Mercer to see the Dolls before they formed their band the Neon Boys, the precursor to Television."  (Lisa Robinson, Vanity Fair 2014)

"To create an art movement, you have to set something up and then destroy it. The only thing to do is what the Dadaists, the Surrealists, did—complete amateurs who are as pretentious as hell—and just fuck it up the ass. Cause as much bad, ill feeling as possible.  You’ll only create a movement when you have a rebellious cause." - David Bowie



David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars

Carnegie Hall





War Memorial

Syracuse, NY




Akron Rubber Bowl

Akron, OH


Faces "Rock N' Roll Party"

Hollywood Palladium

Los Angeles, CA


Leon Russell

Fairgrounds Arena

Oklahoma City, OK


Joe Cocker & Band with Chris Stainton

Fairgrounds Arena

Oklahoma City, OK


Jeff Beck


Hara Arena

Dayton, OH


Grateful Dead


Frankfurt, Germany


Grateful Dead

Waylon Jennings

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Led Zeppelin

Kezar Stadium

Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, CA


Pink Floyd

Carnegie Hall



T. Rex





Van Morrison


David Blue

Berkeley Community Theatre

Berkeley, CA


John Sebastian

Cheech & Chong

Van Morrison


Academy of Music



The Who

Munchen Deutsches Museum

Munich, Germany


Freddie King

Freda & the Firedogs

Armadillo World Headquarters

Austin, TX


Jo Jo Gunne



Roxy Music

Bell Auditorium

Augusta, GA



Curtis Hixon Hall

Tampa, FL



The Eagles

Alabama University Center

Tuscaloosa, AL


Led Zeppelin

Denver Coliseum

Denver, CO


David Bowie

Technical College



1972 Canada Tour

Alice Cooper


Tour of Europe '72

Alice Cooper


Alice Cooper



Rochester War Memorial

Rochester, NY


Alice Cooper

Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

Oklahoma City, OK


Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes

Brownsville Station

Eric Quincy Tate

Luther Williams Baseball Park

@ Central City Park Fairgrounds

Macon, GA


Taj Mahal

Billy Joel

Clean Living

Paramount Theatre

Springfield, MA


Leon Russell

Freddie King

Sacramento Memorial Auditorium

Sacramento, CA


Leon Russell Group

Spokane Coliseum

Spokane, WA


New Year's Eve 1972

Elephants Memory


Sinful Street

My Father's Place

Roslyn, NY


Al Green

Joe Simon

Etta James

J.J. Malone, Little Denise, L.C. Robinson

Harvey Mandel, Paul Lagos

Oakland Coliseum

Oakland, CA


US Tour '72

Grand Funk Railroad


Deep Purple

For Evermore

Fairfield Hall

Croydon, UK


Willie Nelson

Greezy Wheels

Armadillo World Headquarters

Austin, TX

Ray Charles

The All New Ray Charles Show

The Raeletts

Ray Charles Orchestra

Fairgrounds Pavillion

Tulsa, OK


Allman Brothers Band

Wet Willie

Dr. John The Night Tripper

Manley Field House

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY



Weather Report

Dallas Memorial Auditorium

Dallas, TX


Jeff Beck


San Jose Civic Auditorium

San Jose, CA


Ten Years After


Wild Turkey


Black Sabbath

Three Dog Night, Emerson Lake & Palmer

Humble Pie, J. Geils Band

Badfinger, Cactus

Edgar Winter, Bull Angus

Mother Night, Groundhogs

Claire Hamill, RamTam



Capability Brown & Atacama

Ike & Tina Turner

Roxy Music

NY Dolls


Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Larry Coryell, Black Jack

Jim Dawson

Happy & Artie Traum

Ry Cooder

David Bromberg

Town Hall, NYC


Nina Simone

Ford Auditorium

Detroit, MI


The Arrangement




Sam Funky Dancing


Savoy Brown

John Baldry

Fleetwood Mac

Honolulu International Center Arena

Honololulu, HI


Butterfield Blues Band

Dr. John

Masonic Temple

Detroit, MI


Van Morrison

Tower of Power

Jo Jo Gunn

Fairgrounds Expo Hall

Santa Clara, CA


Slough College Summer Ball

David Bowie

Technical College

Slough, UK


The Jeff  Beck Group

Boz Scaggs

Wet Willie

Capitol Theatre

Passaic, NJ


Rolling Stones

Stevie Wonder

Municipal Auditorium

Nashville, TN


Rolling Stones

Spectrum Sports Arena

Philadelphia, PA



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