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Watching David Crosby Relapse

A Treasure Trove Of 50 Unreleased Rolling Stones Songs Mysteriously Emerges Online

Lou Reed: Freeing The Rock & Roll Animal

Beatles Collector Finds Rare Footage of The Beatles' Top of the Pops Performance

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The Dawning Of Aquarius: An LA Artist Revisits The 60's

The Hunting Of Billie Holiday

Richie Unterberger: AOR Is A-OK!

The Overlooked Musical Pioneers You Really Should Know

The Saga Of Van Morrison’s Contractual Obligation Album


Decoded: The History Of Record Deals

Muscle Shoals Studio: A History Of The Soul Of America

This 1930s Quartet Were Rap’s First Recorded Artists

Re-Moon Martin

Broke Down But Not Busted: Todd Rundgren’s Runt Album



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The Scandalous Story Of Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies

The Hidden Cost Of Streaming Music

Robbie Robertson Interview

More Than a Feeling: A Blues Reading List

Lester Bangs: Brian Eno - A Sandbox In Alphaville


Roger McGuinn: A Notorious Byrd Brother Finds Peace

Battle of the Ax Men: Who Really Built the First Electric Rock 'n' Roll Guitar?

Hanging Out In Jimi Hendrix’s 1960s London Flat

R.E.M.’s ‘Monster’ Is Still Trying to Reach You, If You’ll Let It In

Peter Green: The End Of The Game


Once upon a time, on a late September evening in 2006, four guys calling themselves The Hideaways, walked in EKO Studio in Deer Park, NY and created this 2-Track live-in-studio recording that features elements of blues, R&B, Country, Rockabilly, and jazz.


This wild & loose proto-punk band always conjures up an atmosphere of Chuck Berry meets The Ramones with a side order of Blonde on Blond Bob Dylan!



Chris James, the lead guitarist with The Hideaways,

is now performing with a cool combo called The Haymakers!

The Haymakers will be performing TONIGHT @

Charlotte's Speakeasy  294 Main St    Farmingdale, NY

Showtime: 7:30 pm - MIdnight

If you're a fan of The Hideaways, be sure to check out THE HAYMAKERS!


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